What is pleinair painting?

Pleinair painting is the insane idea that an artist can schlepp their paints and easel outdoors with them and paint whatever inspires in a given moment.

The sunlight, the shadow, the breeze and the moisture in the air effect each stroke and choice of color on the canvas. I paint ala prima, meaning I try to finish my canvas in a single sitting though this is often impossible. The light changes quickly and rain can put a real damper on a painting session. Wind and mosquitos can be annoying. Still, when that magical moment beckons… when the clouds absorb the hues of the setting sun or the ocean fills with a dazzling pattern of reflected light, my heart is called to paint this fleeting beauty.

I invite you to witness what I call divine presence ~ painting directly from and in the midst of nature.

Pleinair painting Mt. Tam in Marin County, CA
Mt Tam painting

Mt Tamalpais (Sold)

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